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Process for producing silver-plated conductors via Electromagnetic pulse technology (EMPT) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237979D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-24

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Markus RICHTER Matthias KUDOKE


Silver plated surfaces are used in electrical connections of high current applications in order to achieve low contact resistance. Yet, conventional silver-plating has drawbacks especially for bigger parts. In order to use silver plating for larger parts, such as elongated conductors, components of high voltage switching equipment, such as gas-filled high voltage switching equipment and the like, the disclosed concept comprises using silver plated connection parts only, that are welded or crimped onto the larger parts, such as conductors. Generally, nearly any conducting item of electrical equipment can be permanently equipped with a silver plated connection part when using the electromagnetic pulse technology technique (EMPT) as disclosed. The connections created with EMPT are mechanically very stable and robust and ensure a low resistivity.