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Smart APP UI overlay in mobile device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238001D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-25
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This disclosure discloses a method to share information between 2 or more mobile applications on mobile device but not limit to it. High costly computation such as text or image analysis is avoid, low cost application GUI overylay is used to pass information from one application to another. This is easy and simple to implemented on smart devices.

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Smart APP UI overlay in mobile device

Nowadays, more and more applications are run on mobile devices. Sometimes, people need to transfer some specific information from one application to another (such as recording a list of numbers or a list of names from html to message) by frequent switching between the two applications which can be very trouble.

There are some kinds of solutions to improve this situation:

1. Texts can be copied.

2. Some applications have special tags to execute special action (such as telephone number on html).

However, these solutions still have limitations. They cannot help reduce the switch times if the information is included in a picture or the information are not continuous texts.

In this disclosure, a novel method is disclosed to help reduce the switch times, with very common hardware and resource demands. That is displaying 2 applications on a single screen on different layers at the same time. The top layer is semitransparent so that users can see information from application beneath while using the top application. In this way, users don't need toshift between these 2 applications back and forth to get information transferred from one to the other.

This method is easy to implement and extend, for example:

1. The APP we want to switched to can be started by user defined hot key(for eg., combination of finger press on APP and a certain key of the phone, or any gestures which can be detected by phone).

2. The UI of that APP translucent...