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A method to control unnecessary IP Multicast packet in OpenFlow network

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238002D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-25
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This disclosure is intended to control the unnecessary IP Multicast packet. Depends on IP Multicast implemented in the control plane. The Openflow controller can detect a set of Openflow switches which near IP Multicast sender and allowed by policy. By detecting Multicast receiver information, a specific set flow entries will be created, which have the completed match fields to match all the unnecessary IP Multicast packet. Within these flow entries, the Openflow controller can make proactive flow entry setup before table-miss flow entry matched. The specific set of flow entries can be updated by the Openflow controller dynamically. This method can be implemented as a network application.

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A method to control unnecessary IP Multicast packet in OpenFlow network

IP Multicast is a popular technical used in data center to help conserve bandwidth in the data center and reduce the load on servers , it allows the efficient distribution of information between a single multicast source and multiple receivers.

An OpenFlow switch provides a flow-table forwarding model to be managed by the OpenFlow controller. All packets processed by the switch are compared against the flow table. If a match is found, any actions for the entry are performed on the packet. For example, the action might be to modify the IP header of the packet and forward it to a specified set of output ports. If no match is found, the packet is forwarded to the controller over the secure channel via packet-in message as default table-miss action. The controller is responsible for determining how to handle packets without valid flow entries.

In OpenFlow network, IP Multicast deployment should consider many factors. Unnecessary IP Multicast packet (IPMC) is a pain point here. The OpenFlow switch simply forwards all the unmatched IP multicast traffic it receives to the OpenFlow controller. This can result in significant and unnecessary bandwidth usage and CPU usage in OpenFlow switch and OpenFlow controller due to no any receiver exists . Efficiency is an important requirement among other attributions like Agility, Scalability, and Simplicity. So, OpenFlow controller should need a method to avoid this possible negative impact.

In additional, for the unnecessary IPMC packet, in case the controller knows no receiver exists. It can drop the packet, or it can add a flow entry directing the switch on how to forward similar packets in the future. But in a large network, there are many sources sending different group traffic, the controller still handles the unnecessary IPMC with inefficiency. In Figure 1's scenario, three source are sending the unnecessary IPMC packet with high rate, but the controller is not aware of this. So the controller's CPU resources would be exhausted and OpenFlow channel's bandwidth would be wasted seriously.


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Figure 1. Unnecessary IPMC packet processing in OpenFlow Network

Disclosure solution depicts a new method to control the unnecessary IPMC packet in OpenFlow network. The controller can actively install specific flow entry to drop the unnecessary IPMC packet at the OpenFlow switch prior to the packet forward to the controller ; it is implemented by building and installing specific flow entry. If this method is used, the efficiency of the controller would have been much increased.

This disclosure will provide a method to control the unnecessary IPMC packet. This disclosure will check multicast group information, if no receiver exist, a specific flow entry is used to control the unnecessary IPMC packet will be installed before table-miss matched. The specific flow entry could be updated by the controller, and the controller ca...