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A new text editor that support multiple style automatically used in mobile phone Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238003D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-25
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This article presents a new method to format text either by a template user selects or a shape user draws. User can select to padding text or align the text with the border, either way, the text will be formated automatically.

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A new text editor that support multiple style automatically used in mobile phone

We are living in a fashionable world, which is diversity and exciting, the same requirement also existed in our daily life, like using mobile phones, to keep contact with our friends and customers, we use mobile phone to send SMS a lot, but we could only input them one line by one line, which is unromantic and inflexible,some times, if we would like to build a picture using text, we have to design so long time, and enter so many backspace, and this idea describe a new fashionable editor that will give you more choices to express yourself with individuation, with automatic composing, to make you design more easy and funny.

Core idea:
1. Automatic scope setting according to path which user provide/or to a template
2. Automatic pattern setting according the path which user provide/or to a template


The key idea is the component which responsible for compute the style and patten for each screen element according to the boundary line which provided by user or template, so that user could draw the line as they wish to design and implemented by background program, no more user-involved adjustment.


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Figure 1 illustrates how this invention works


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Figure 1

In step 1, user draws a shape which he wants the text he input will be formatted. The shapes are anyone he likes. Such as a heart shape, a circle etc. ; Also user can select a template(a predefined shape...