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Pliable e-Ink for Server Diagnose Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238005D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-25
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Disclosed is a technology related to a pliable e-ink for server diagnose.

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Pliable e-Ink for Server Diagnose

What Problem to Solve:

Diagnose information help users identify the problem, however, the diagnose devices:

- LED, 7-Seg, or LCM provides only limited display area and information

- Field support engineer may not be granted to access management console

- Lost last status information, when power outage

- Once management console are also dead, ex: power surge and mainboard broken, the problem becomes mystery

Our solution:

Keep update information on pliable e-Ink, and these information are encoded in QR code.


- Pliable e-Ink is a soft device - Twistable

- Compare to other diagnose devices, e-Ink is thin - Space saving

- SPI is one access interface of e-Ink - easy to access for programmer

- QR code may contain 2K text or a image to indicate where is the problem - rich information

- e-Ink require minimal power to persist display and the latest status - persistence diagnose information

- No need to access management console - secure enterprise IT

- Design once, run many generations