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Technique to prevent software failures from occurring in a runtime setup Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238013D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-25

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Today's software products are complex enough that software errors or bugs inevitably creep in. There are situations where a software bug exists in a version of the product, and it is alrady fixed by the support team as a software patch. This fix, however, is not yet known to the end customer due to various reasons or he may choose not to apply the patch since he doesn't see the same error symptoms. The bug could lead to a failure if the customer's usage pattern matches that with the error scenarios. This leads to situations where the same error causes breakdowns in multiple end users or customer locations. There is an opportunity for the support organization here to prevent such impending failures in customer locations. This article describes techniques to enhance end user experience of software products by helping end customers to better identify possible breakdowns because of dormant bugs in the code. The bug can be patched and thus the error prevented before it occurs in a end users runtime environment. In a case that it actually occurs on production, it helps in reducing the time lag to identify a fix. The proposed technique uses the configuration information and also the sequence of events that lead to the failure - in terms of logs, software components traversed and and other product data that's generated at runtime, to identify the most appropriate fix. The fix thus identified can either be applied directly or presented to the user.