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Encoding text format with password Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238044D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-29
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This article present a method and system of making passord more secure, including include text format as part of passord, typing interval as part of password etc. With this, password becomes multi-dimentional which is hard to hack and easy to remember for users.

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Encoding text format with password

Password security is often a concern for user

To make password more secure, user often makes password complex(longer, and mixed with digits/alphabet(upper and lower case)/characters etc.)

Complexed password is hard to remember. And if other users like hackers knows the password, they can logon applications to steal information

When we write document, we often format it to make it more readable. Formatting example like font/font size/font color/bold etc. This invention encoding password plain text and its formatting as password to make the password more secure and easy to remember Advantages:

1. Strengthen passwords, even the plain password is stolen, it can't logon if the formatting features doesn't match

2. Could make the plain password simper while adding the formatting features to strengthen the password.

3. Configurable

4. Hard to hack

Set password with formatting - workflow


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Figure 1

Figure 1 illustrates the process to set password with formatting. When setting password, not only set the plain text, but also the formatting.

Formatting password authentication


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Figure 2

Figure 2 illustrates the process of password authentication of password with formatting. During authentication, not only plain text is compared, but also the formatting.


Below is an example about how this invention works.

1. User sets password, the plain text is '123456' and the formatting are: th...