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Infrastructure Complexity Index (ICI) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238072D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-31
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Disclosed is a method and system for determining a management complexity factor for an environment, such as an information technology (IT) environment. A management complexity factor represents the needless complexity, inefficiencies, and waste in an environment.

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Infrastructure Complexity Index (

When it comes to managing a large complex data center and the server infrastructure within, many IT executives know they have severe challenges. Most know where and what their business critical servers are and what they are doing. These might comprise 10% to 20% of their overall IT infrastructure. It's the other 80% to 90% that few know where and what these systems do and, more importantly, how they impact factors like capacity management (IT flexibility), response and recovery time objectives (DR), labor efficiency (costs), and more. Wouldn't it be nice if IT management had some type of metric that would assist them in understanding where their major areas of complexity reside, how to deal with them, and how they compare with other IT environments of similar size, industry, and make up? Having completed thousands of IT optimization assessments in the last 10 years, one can amass millions of data points and trends related to IT infrastructure complexity and the various components that make up this complexity. Along the way, one can develop a metric called the "Infrastructure Complexity Index" (ICI for short). This ICI can be used to identify specific areas of IT complexity and educate IT executives on the factors involved in addressing these areas.

    Today's data centers are constantly being challenged with ever increasing levels of IT server infrastructure complexity. This IT complexity is manifested in the form of several key components which make up the hardware platforms [compute servers] and operating environments [operating systems] that need to be maintained and managed on a regular basis. Although many anecdotal observations or platitudes have been conveyed in the past in an attempt to describe varying levels of IT infrastructure complexity, senior IT executives have never had a singular metric by which to adequately measure these levels and allow them to benchmark themselves against other IT environments or organizations of similar size and type. The Infrastructure Complexity Index (ICI) provides such a singular metric and can be easily used to help senior IT management gauge their relative levels of IT management and asset control.

    The Infrastructure Complexity Index (ICI) provides a singular metric which can be used to help senior IT management measure their relative business entity's IT server infrastructure complexity levels. It can be used as a benchmark to compare IT organizations or data centers between different lines of business within the same company, or to compare overall IT infrastructure complexity levels between two different companies of similar size, type, or industry. Using this metric, key insights into the factors affecting IT server infrastructure complexity can help senior IT management make prudent decisions on ways to lower this complexity through various mechanisms, including vendor and model standardization, hardware and software stack simplification, and increase...