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Modular / Interchangeable Heat Sink Attach System / Method Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238077D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-31

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Current heat sink attachment methods of a heat sink to a flip chip plastic ball grid array (FCPBGA) package require at attachment method that is supported by the motherboard, or use of an adhesive thermal interface material (TIM) to adhere the heat sink directly to package. This disclosure proposed a new novel heat sink attachment method that allows an easy way to both attach and remove an external heat sink from a board-mounted FCPBGA package. The system consists of a lid and standardized base that the hit sink fits into with a similar mating type of base with a “dovetail” style joint. The system also allows easy interchange of heat sink sizes, which can be advantageous in applications where a customer needs to try out different sizes of heat sink to determine best heat sink for the system. This connection method also can work well in an experimental design situation. This connection method allows changing heat sinks without disturbing the thermal connection / base / TIM interface to the package / IC component.