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Structure and Method of Manufacturing Fine Pitch Pre-Placed Vias Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238078D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-31

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This document describes a method of manufacturing fine pitch vias that can later be placed into a microelectronics package to form a series of electrical connections through the body of a microelectronics package. These fine pitch via arrays can replace existing processing technologies for Through Package Vias (TPV’s) which require a drilling process through the package, followed by filling the dilled via with a conductive paste that is subsequently cured. Existing pre-placed vias typically utilize a single conductive pillar. Though effective in forming an electronic connection through the body of the microelectronics package, the TPV or pre-placed conductive pillar, will generally require a minimum 300um diameter area. The method described within this document will enable arrays of fine pitch vias (<25um diameter) to be placed in the same foot print of a single TPV or pre-placed conductor, thereby creating a multitude of through package interconnects without significant usage of available package space. These fine pitch via arrays can be used in the manufacture of Fan-out Wafer Level Packages (FOWLP), Multi-chip Modules (MCM) or similar microelectronics packages that require a large number of through package interconnects.