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Voice Interactions with Applications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238084D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-31

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Techniques for voice interaction between applications on a mobile device and an off-device voice interaction platform are disclosed. A Voice Interaction API can be used to establish a trust relationship between the voice interaction platform (that a user interacts with through their voice) and an application operating on the mobile device. The application interacts with the voice interaction platform using an on-device voice interaction service. The voice interaction service acts as a proxy for the voice interaction platform. The application can then use the voice interaction service to enable a user to use his/her voice to issue commands to and make requests, such as confirmation requests, selection requests, and cancellation requests, of the application. The trust relationship can involve requiring differing levels of confirmation for different levels of risk associated with commands/requests to the application – relatively low-risk commands/requests can involve little or no user confirmation, while relatively low-risk commands/requests can involve one or more confirmations from the user.