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Smart Story-based Bookmark Manager Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238086D
Publication Date: 2014-Aug-01

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During our daily work or life, users need to search for a specific story-based or question-oriented topic whose answers may consist of a set of relevant links which are connected in sequence. They offen find it difficult to efficiently look for those informations with the traditional bookmarks which are isolated and discrete, and they have the desire, when they've found those relevant links, to persist them in a bookmark-like way for later re-use or sharing.The method proposed provides a new mechanism to store the bookmark that is based on a specific story or problem.

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Smart Story

Smart Story-

During our daily work or life, users often bookmark some web pages when surfing over internet. Sometimes, users need to search for a specific topic in order to perform a user task or user story, in this case, users spend lots of time and efforts identifying the results, then finally users filter out those useless or not relevant web sites. At this moment, users have the requirement to remember all the helpful information from the remaining web sites.

Most of time, we bookmark not a single page but multiple ones which have relations with each other because they are usually about a topic, a task or a user story. Problems

What can users do?

Bookmark those web sites and group them into one folder given a meaningful name? However, how about the relation between those pages? Which page is the first step to refer to? Which is about the final step?

Another way, copy the content from those web pages, paste to local with additional remarks, then organize those content, such as Step1. xxx, Step2. xxx, ...etc. Once those content is being updated from time to time, users have to re-copy the new content to replace local version. Isn't it too time-consuming or inefficient?

Existing Solutions

Currently, there are some tools and techniques which support bookmark categorization or bookmark tagging in order to organize bookmarks more smartly .

1. Some Browser's Bookmark Tags Plugin

After a page is bookmarked, users could ass 'tags' to this page, which could help to identify this bookmark. Also, user could leverage these tags to better categorize bookmarks in order to find those bookmarks.

2. An existing bookmarking service web site.

The site is a social bookmarking service. The most notable feature about this site is the tag-based organization system. There is no hierarchy in the system for saving and organizing bookmarks, everything is driven by tags-saving, searching, and organizing. Users can add bookmarks to and access bookmarks from the service through the web site, via bookmarklet, and browser's add-ons.

3. An existing bookmarking service web site.


--based Bookmark Manager

based Bookmark Manager

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The site allows users to set up own personal account to upload, and keep, own bookmarks on the web so that user can access them at any time, from any computer, anywhere.


However, for the 1st plugin, it only could help users easy to find related bookmarked pages by giving them same tags. Regarding 2nd invention is focused on sharing bookmarks and engaging in social interaction around them. When it comes to the 3rd solution, its focus is to support users to access their bookmarks anywhere just as easy as Emails.

Neither of those three inventions supports users to identify the relations among different bookmarks, or allows users to create a bookmark relation map.

Brief summary of our invention

Therefore, we propose a new mechanism of story-based bookmark management, which would allow users to trace...