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Flexible Progress Bar Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238088D
Publication Date: 2014-Aug-01
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The general idea is to make the progressing bar flexible to improve the precision, so that user could locate the point more easily.

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Flexible Progress Bar

Recently more and more people are willing to watch video on electronic devices, including PC and mobile devices. Sometimes, we want to jump to a specific moment in the video, instead of starting from the very beginning. But the user experience of doing so is not good nowadays. It is a little difficult to jump to a specific moment, either jump to a little ahead or a little later. This is more obvious on mobile phone and when the video is a little longer.

This is a little bit annoying for the users, for the most cases, users have to re-watch part of the video, or just skip some part.

Some solution to solve this problem is, giving user an input box, type the exact time, then watch. Yes, this solution solve the problem, but has two flaws.

1. This is not so intuitive and convenient.

For example, if you forget the exact time where you watched last time, you would type several times.
2. This may have some difficulties to use on mobile devices

The screen is not so big, and when you are watching video, there should pop up a key board to type in the time?

Our solution to this problem is: enable the progress bar with flexibility to be enlarged.

Currently, when we want to jump to a specific moment in the video, we click/touch a point on the progress bar. The idea is simple, we add the ability to improve the precision of the progress bar.

Usually the progress bar in the watching screen is of the same size, as long as the width of the window/screen/browser. With this size a fixed value, the longer the video is, the less of the precision of the progress bar is.

When a video is just 10 seconds, it would be very easy for user to s...