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Clock daily work plan Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238096D
Publication Date: 2014-Aug-01
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This article presents a method of managing daily work/tasks/calendar in clock face which is very intuitive for end user. Everyone is familiar with clock, user can know of his schedule by having a glance at the clock face.

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Clock daily work plan

People usually make plans for the tasks they need to do for the day.

Known solutions:

1. Write down what they need to do and track manually
2. Use tools like calendar to-do functions to track

The key disadvantage of the known solution is that they are not easy to use, not intuitive.

The core idea of this invention is that we adopt clock face to store and display users' daily tasks. Everyone is familiar with clock. By using clock, user can add task/check task very easily and conveniently.

1. Each task is described as a object that with status(Green - completed, Yellow - haven't completed, Red - not done on time etc.), scheduled time(include TIME(AM&PM)/DATE), summary(event description), etc.

2. Each task could be added/updated/removed/drag to/from the surface of the clock, two tasks could be displayed together against a same time-period, which indicates the parallel events.

3. The tasks added are displayed in the clock in the area of their scheduled time which is very easy for user to check

4. Calendar event will get registered after being add to clock, so that it could be served with system service, like Alarm, Reminder,etc.

This invention can apply to mobile/PC and any other device, it'll be specially usefully if it applies to smart watch, smart watch itself is a clock face.

Operation 1: User add calendar event to the surface to clock

Step1: User choose the right time period form the surface of the the clock,(eg, select arc from index 1 to 2...