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Method to retain image resolution and copyright using cloud of image Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238124D
Publication Date: 2014-Aug-04
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Disclosed is a method to embed invisible QR codes into an image. The QR code will serve as a link to help retain image resolution and copyright whenever needed.

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Method to retain image resolution and copyright using cloud of image

    Copying images from the web or from a peer to use is part of everyone's daily operation. However, when copying an image or taking a screencapture of the image to use, one may find that whenever he/she is trying to enlarge the image, the resolution becomes horrible as it is an unavoidable problem.

    Suppose the originator of a photo saves it in maximum pixel in HD resolution. Someone copied the photo and saved it in a low resolution ( smaller pixel ). And a third person finds the 2nd lower pixel photo and tries to use this image. However, the 3rd person may not enlarge the photo because it will ruin the resolution.

    The disclosed idea solves this problem as user may trace back to the original photo ( saved at maximum resolution ), and directly sync down the best-fit resolution so that the 3rd person may enlarge the photo to it's best quality.

Disclosed idea is to have a centralized ( cloud-based ) storage designed for image. Whenever user uploads the image, it creates an invisible watermark QR code ( or invisible watermark naked to human eye, but readable by computer ). This QR code will follow the image anywhere, even if it is being cut / crop / rotated / etc....

    Using this invisible watermark QR code, no matter how it has been changed, any user may sync up to this cloud and request the image to be refilled to the best-fit resolution based from the "Original" image.

1.) User uploads full resolutio...