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Method to enable remote authorization of parcel delivery Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238141D
Publication Date: 2014-Aug-05
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Using one-time keys in place of signatures for approving special instructions provided to delivery drivers.

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Method to enable remote authorization of parcel delivery

When I order something on the internet but am not in to receive the parcel that requires a signature, I need a way to authorize the delivery, allowing the agent to leave the parcel. In addition, I want to be sure that the parcel is at the delivery location.

Known solutions: - Being there in person - Not always possible to be in.

    - Neighbour signing for the parcel - May not be a neighbour in, or willing to accept a delivery. Takes a long time for delivery agent to find out.

    - One-time lock box - Cannot provide signature. Costly infrastructure. May not be possible to install a lock box of a sufficient size. Max 1 delivery.

- Pre arranged safe locations - Cannot provide signature.

Use uniquely generated codes for each delivery.

    1. Code on the delivery address door. This enables the delivery agent to prove he is at the required location.

    2. Code on the parcel. This enables the individual parcel to be tracked and linked to other codes.

    3. Code to authenticate the recipient at point of delivery. Enables the recipient to authorise the agent to leave the parcel. Used in lieu of signature.

    When the agent reaches the delivery location, they scan the location code and the parcel code. The system then connects the delivery agent to the recipient (phone/notification/etc) who can provide instructions and code 3, to prove their identity as the recipient and authorise the delivery and any special instructions (leave in a safe place etc). If the delivery driver cannot authorise Code 3 online, recording it to be confirmed later is an option if the delivery company is willing to assume that risk.


Track the postman (system knows what he has and his route) and when he is near your house, start the process,...