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A mechanism to optimise the effectiveness of screen readers for visually impaired users. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238142D
Publication Date: 2014-Aug-05
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This article describes a mechanism to improve the effectiveness of screen readers to enhance the user experience of a visually impaired user. This article contains the definition of a mechanism using page layout templates to guide a screen reader to prioritize the most relevant pieces of information on the screen when reading the page to the user.

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A mechanism to optimise the effectiveness of screen readers for visually impaired users.

Screen readers present content to their user in much the same way as a visual user is presented the content. This is in part because the system has been designed by sighted users for other sighted users and accessibility tools just provide a means of translating the presentation without changing its structure. This invention provides a means for accessibility technologies to alter the structure of web pages so that they can be presented in a more useful way.

    Rather than reading a screens content top to bottom, left to right, we propose a system where the screen reader extracts structured content from the page and presents it to the user in an order that is optimised for them.

    The system would make use of the symantic structure of web pages, in particular new HTML 5 syntactical elements, such as nav, main, header, footer. It would also extract structure through a pattern matching of typical web page constructs, such as news tickers, menus, adverts etc and maintain the relationships between these parts of a web page. Different sections of a page will be assigned varying priorities and the content then presented to the user based on this, rather than the original ordering which is designed for sighted users. The page will be split, for example, as shown in the diagram,

and different regions given a weighting based upon its importance to the user. The template used for this is v...