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Smarter release clip for improved bicycle safety Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238167D
Publication Date: 2014-Aug-06
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This article details a proposed improvement for cycling pedals that disengage when there is a calculated threat of falling or impact, improving upon current solutions which require an applied force in order to release the pedal which can often result in the cyclist with a trapped foot.

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Smarter release clip for improved bicycle safety

Current Solutions

    Clipless pedals and shoes designed to fit them are widely used by cyclists in order to increase effort efficiency while cycling. In the event of a fall or crash, these pedals can prove dangerous as the user can find it difficult to remove their shoe from the pedal and are thus trapped to the bicycle.

    Currently clipless pedals are disengaged by outward rotation of the heel (, however this is often not achievable in the short window of time preceding a fall. Additionally, cyclists about to fall or crash will often panic, and thus be unable to disengage from the pedals, leading to a risk of injury.

    A solution to this issue is that pedals that attach to a cyclist's shoe via magnets ( However, this still has the issue that the pedal will only release after an impact or given amount of force, rather than automatically releasing when the cyclist starts to fall which would allow the cyclist to prepare themselves for an impact.

Proposed Improvement

    The article details pedals which will release the attached shoe when the cyclist is deemed to be in danger of falling. This will free the feet of the cyclist from the pedals if they start to fall, so that they are able to arrest their fall or suffer a less severe impact.

    This would be achieved by the combination of various factors, registered through sensors such...