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Efficient and adaptive multi-media content storage and sharing for instant messaging tools Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238184D
Publication Date: 2014-Aug-07
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The invention are maintaining a list by analyzing user’s intimacy level: 1. User will be alerted when his friends wants to fetch chatting files from him; 2. User is allowed to maintain a table to manage his friends who he want to share chatting history. The invention helps user to fetch the data back from intimate friends who also owns the chatting files: 1. Check the available user who owns the file; 2. Check the network environment for the available users who owns the file; 3. Check the intimacy level list for the available users who owns the file; 4. Decide to fetch file from the users depending on above three factors

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Efficient and adaptive multi

Efficient and adaptive multi- media content storage and sharing for instant messaging tools

Chatting software are widely used on mobile devices; Mobile users are more preferred to share their photos and audios (multi-media) than ever before Mobile storage space are more easier to get saturate after saving a lot of multi-media files. It is becoming

Considering the traditional instant message only support chatting history to be saved locally, it is impossible to user to retrieve the deleted chatting history, especially with those high quality pictures/video/audios ,which will cost lots of storage space. The traditional method of description to entity identify can not satisfied current use of sharing files between friends. This disclosure proposes a Mechanism and Apparatus to fetch chatting history from group of users, so even one user in this group delete the local chatting history, he's able to retrieve the data from his friend.

1) Each user is able to share the chat history to his friends within the group, if he still owns the file.

2) Always provide a copy of the chat files within a user group.

3) Leverage a probability relationship reorganization and generate multiple candidates list for each user to retrieve data from other users.


--media content storage and sharing for instant messaging tools

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An automatic multi-media content sharing method containing


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-Identify the potential content pro...