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A method to automatically construct Business Process Management model Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238185D
Publication Date: 2014-Aug-07
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automatically construct business process management models, natural language analysis, store model templates in business process management programs

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A method to automatically construct Business Process Management model

1. Background:

With the development of business process management products, the market grows larger and larger. There are more and more clients who are trying to get on board into the wonderful business process management world. However they face one problem at first: how to construct their own business process management models efficiently and gracefully?

Before, the customers have to think very hard to find out their model. It may be incorrect or inconvenient. As we know a business process management model requires participants, process flow, gateways, etc.

So in this disclosure, one method is proposed to help the customers to easily construct business process management models.

2. The core idea:

It is to provide the customers with business process management model templates. By using this method, the customers simply need to input a paragraph of alphabetic descriptions of the process. The method then can give the customers a simulated business process model.

3. How does this invention work?

Firstly it is needed to store a lot of templates. The templates are mature business process management models but without

detailed participants names or group information.

activities and number of gateways.

Below is an example of a simple template:

The templates are differentiated by number of participants, number of


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After reading the alphabetic description and analyze it, the method can extract the participants, the approximate process flow and gateways. The method program then selects from the templates a most similar one. By assigning to the selected template the participant names, one business process model is generated.

Below is the whole process of natural language analysis:

Input the whole paragraph.

For each sentence, analyze it according to "Subject Verb Object" format.


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Extract all subjects. Eliminate the redundant ones. All the subjects formulate the participant group.

Extract all verbs. Eliminate the redundant ones. All the verbs formulate the activities of a model. And the participant

of the activity is the subject of that verb.

Extract all "If else" judge sentences. Because they will formulate gateways.

It is also suggested to store in the alphabetic analysis logic the conjunctions, structural words, prepositions, etc.

Then they are not taken into cons...