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Method to automatically fill in forms based on previous bookings/purchases Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238237D
Publication Date: 2014-Aug-12
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Method to fill forms on web sites based on user bookings history

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Method to automatically fill in forms based on previous bookings/purchases


    When booking a trip (business or vacation) in parts, you are likely to start with flights or accommodation. Once you have booked these, your dates are set and you might want to book additional things for your trip. You have to then enter the right dates onto every site you visit to make additional bookings.

    With this idea, when a booking is made the details (dates, times, locations) are stored within the browser. These bookings are intelligently grouped into a "trip". When browsing other sites (car hire, flights, accommodation, theatre, restaurants, what's on), the browser pre fills forms based on that "trip". This stops the user needing to remember the dates, and can help reduce the number of errors when the dates or other information are incorrectly entered.

- Warn the user if they are booking a conflicting event to one they have already booked.

Example implementation details:
Storage of booking details:
The system needs to know about existing bookings. The data stored would be:
- Date of the start of the booking
- Date of the end of the booking
- Location(s) of the booking (travel would need a start and end point)

- Booking specific information (depending on type of booking - accommodation, travel, entertainment, etc). Could include number of people/rooms/tickets.

- Associated trip (to group bookings)

Web site categorisation:
Many systems exist for categorising web sites, from online directories to key word analysis. The system can use any of these as part of the workflow.

Discovering existing booking details can be done in a number of ways:
- Browser detection: The web browser itself follows the user through the booking and records details from forms along the way. When the user is displayed a confirmation screen, the details of that booking are stored. The specifics of this are outside the scope of this patent.

- Email parsing: The system could be notified of booking details by the user forwarding emails to a specific address, which links that booking to their account. This is covered by prior art, for example,

- Email detection: Where the web browser is connected to an online account with access to user emails, they can be automatically parsed and the i...