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Filtering social streams based on workload Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238285D
Publication Date: 2014-Aug-14
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Disclosed is software that collects certain metrics about a user’s workload and then, based on these metrics, filters the user’s information streams in order to minimize distraction.

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Filtering social streams based on workload

Computer users are easily distracted by information streams such as social or professional network updates and news feeds. An existing solution is for the user to

simply ignore these information streams when involved in one or more other important

tasks. Not all users have enough discipline to do that. An additional solution is needed

to automatically filter information streams for the user and decrease the level of information distraction.

The novel contribution is software that collects certain metrics about a user's workload and then, based on these metrics, filters the user's information streams. The software removes superfluous information streams and maintains updates from other users associated with the user's work or tasks. As the user completes a certain amount of work, the filtering system can become less stringent and allow the user view associated information streams.

Following are the steps for implementing the software in a preferred embodiment:

1. The user has a workload consisting of:

A. Two urgent emails

    B. Two project deliverable items due today C. Two actions to perform today 2. If the system detects that this workload scenario is above a certain threshold, it determines the following information about each item, such as:

    A. The sender and carbon copy (cc:) list of the urgent emails B. The team members or subscribers associated with the deliverable items C. The community members associated with the actions to perform
3. The software:

A. Filters the user's social streams to only show content from the users identified in Step 2, and those directly related to those users

B. Automatically updates the internal instant messaging privacy list to only

  include the users identified in...