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Retrieval of Vital Product Data from a Remote System Component Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238291D
Publication Date: 2014-Aug-14
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Disclosed is retrieval of vital product data from a remote system component.

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Retrieval of Vital Product Data from a Remote System Component

In the creation of the IBM* 5886 disk drive expansion drawer (and EDR1) feature product, there was a need to retrieve Vital Product Data (VPD) from a storage enclosure that has no System Power Control Network (SPCN) cable. Only two types of cable run to the enclosure, power and PCIe bus. The latter is used for the purpose of retrieving VPD. The embedded storage controller is attached to the PCIe bus cable and reports adapter VPD as usual. This invention is used to embellish the adapter VPD with enclosure VPD.

    At power-on of the adapter, a PCIe bus ROMBAR is opened to the Host to provide Open Firmware Boot VPD. This is typically VPD for the adapter only, stored in Flash memory. This VPD has been embellished to provide three additional VPD terms for the enclosure. The master copy of enclosure VPD is stored in the mid-plane Field Replaceable Unit (FRU).

Enclosure VPD is accessible to the host through two paths.

The Input/Output Adapter (IOA) VPD in PCIe address space available to PHYP and the OS. The location of the IOA VPD is pointed to by the ROMBAR in the adapter PCIe configuration space.

The SCSI Enclosure Services (SES) command interface available to the OS.

Who uses paths.


OS (IOA DD, Diagnostics): Inquiry Page 83

OS (Diagnostics): SES Inquiry

When accessed

ROMBAR : PHYP - Slot Power ON

Inquiry Page 83 : OS (IOA DD), first time resource is configured ODM data is created, not updated unless resource is un-configured.

SES Inquiry : when diagnostics is run.

Enclosure VPD defined in IOA VPD

FFFF - Enclosure Feature Code and MMM - Model number (Section 3, Field 3)

SSSSSSS - 7-Byte Enclosure Serial Number (Section 3, Field 4)

P1-Cx - FRU 57C0/57C3 Location code inside enclosure. C1 when Slot ID = Gnd, C2 when Slot ID = high.

    IOA VPD Sync Procedure: The combined enclosure and adapter VPD is stored in the adapter's flash. When the enclosure mid-plane and/or adapter FRUs are changed, this causes the combined VPD to become stale. Because the adapter cannot determine this condition until after the OS Device Drive has loaded, the following sync procedure is required.

    Under standby power, the mid-plane will check to see if the enclosure mid-plane and adapter VPD is in sync. When powering on the rest of the enclosure, the mid-plane will signal the adapter firmware the state of VPD synchronization. As it boots, the adapter firmware will use this signal to present either default or actual VPD to the Host. If default VPD is used, the adapter will update its copy of actual mid-plane VPD in its flash and signal the mid-plane when it


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is done. The mid-plane will then use that signal to update its copy of the combined VPD in its nonvolatile storage, thereby achieving synchronization and becoming ready for the...