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Catalloy-Based Compound for Carpet Backing Applications

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Publication Date: 2014-Aug-15
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A highly filled Catalloy-based compound may be suitable for carpet backing, which would replace both the latex bonding agent and the secondary backing fabric. In an embodiment Catalloy may include (i) 25 - 35 wt. %, based upon the total weight, of either a PP Homopolymer or a PP random copolymer (C2); and (ii) 65-75 wt. %, based upon the total weight, of a EPR composition (ethylene-propylene rubber) comprising a first polymer composition and a second polymer composition. The Catalloy-based compound may be filled with a Calcium Carbonate, and, optionally, a stabilizer, and, optionally, phenolic antioxidants (such as Irganox 3114, Irgafos 168, or blends thereof), and, optionally, a Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer (such as Cyasorb UV-3853S), and, optionally, light stabilizer (such as Cyasorb THT7001), and, optionally, lubricant and wetting agent, and, optionally, high temperature compatibilizer.

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Catalloy-Based Carpet Backing

A typical tufted carpet structure is shown in Figure 1 below, where:

1) Primary Backing Fabric is an open-weave fabric of polymer, normally a Polypropylene scrim.

2) Tufted face yarn initially inserted sequentially into the fabric to form loops. The loops can be left (as for Berber carpets for instance), or cut during the tufting process to form cut pile.

The combination of the primary backing and tufts is known as the carpet facing.

Tufted Fibers are typically made with one of the following materials: Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET); Polytrimethylene Terephthalate (PTT); Polypropylene (PP); Polyamide (PA).

3) Secondary Backing typically comprises a Woven Mat (Fabric) and a Bonding Agent (Latex glue).  The latex is typically an aqueous dispersion of calcium carbonate and styrene butadiene rubber and is often referred to as backcoat material.  It is typically applied to achieve a weight of 20-30 oz/yd2.


The secondary backing performs several functions in the production and use of the carpet, including without limitation:

- It imparts two-dimensional stability to the carpeting, preventing stretching, puckering and expansion/contraction as weather conditions change. This is considered a weakness of the current latex material as it is prone to expansion and contraction as humidity levels change.

- It ideally does this while leaving the carpet fairly flexible to facilitate handling and installation.

- It ideally possesses a high COF to resist movement with respect to the padding or subflooring beneath it as it is walked upon.

- It surrounds the portion of the tufts on the back side of the primary backing and locks them in place.

- It penetrates into the tufts and locks individual fibers in place, preventing "pilling".

Figure 1. Typical Tufted Carpet Structure

The bonding agent is often latex heavily filled with calcium carbonate and may be applied in multiple layers (not necessarily all the layers have the same calcium carbonate content).  Each time a layer is applied the carpet should pass through a series of ovens at elevated temperatures for the latex to cure, which is a time consuming and energy inefficient process.

A highly filled Catalloy-based compound may be suitable for carpet backing, which would replace both the latex bonding agent and the secondary backing fabric.  Catalloy is commercially available from LyondellBasell.  Suitable compounds have been commercial available from LyondellBasell under names such as Hostacom TKP882D and Hostacom TKP866D.   Both formulations include the Catalloy process resin Adflex KS084P (also commercially available from LyondellBasell) as main polymer ingredient, and 65% calcium carbona...