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Automatic way of calculating water capacity required in the kettle Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238325D
Publication Date: 2014-Aug-18
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Smart and effective way of calculating container capacity based on consumers demand

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Automatic way of calculating water capacity required in the kettle

The problem addressed in this article is related to huge amount of energy wasted when devices like kettle or coffee makers are used in office or houses. Usually there is no indication how much amount of water or any other liquid need to be filled in.

An intelligent kettle already patented in US8405004. However this patent introduces new capabilities in this area.

The idea introduces usage of RFID tags in this industry. The idea is about having interconnected elements like a mug / cup with kettle or coffee maker so they are more smart about their presence and exchange information. In this case the main factor to exchange is capacity that allows to find the amount of water or any liquid that needs to be filled in kettle or coffee maker in order to have the right capacity. Not below or above but exact value. Otherwise it leads to additional energy wasted.

This method requires changes on two currently separated elements. First let start on mug / cap side. Usually mugs are made of ceramics. In order to make it more intelligent device, the idea is to deluge in those elements RFID tag. It doesn't have to have battery. It would have information from manufacturer about device capacity. RFID tags can be damaged when put into microwave. Therefore to have a solid and reliable system a consumer (like a mug/cap) would also contain a bar code.

The second side is the consumer of that data , in this case it would...