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LNM Improvements

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238363D
Publication Date: 2014-Aug-20
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Improved line narrowing module performance, especially ones utilizing novel grating technology LNM “Interventions” we have thought of: 1. All reflective LNM 2. Catadioptric LNM 3. Multi pass of grating LNM (2-grating LNM) 4. Bi-lateral LNM 5. Lens Beam Expander LNM 6. High diffraction angle – reduced beam expansion LNM 7. Unstable resonators (curved OC, prisms, Rmax, etc.) 8. LNP mounted on OC end, in side-coupled cavity Grating specific ideas we have thought of in past: • Silicon grating o Use of lithography techniques to rule a holographic grating, differential etching to establish a high blaze angle • Holographic exposure & etching o University of New Mexico has discussed this idea. • Chirped grating for spectral control and shaping o Possibly proper choice of chirp would compensate effects of spatial spectral chirp, producing narrower line widths o Changing location of the beam on a chirped grating results in variable/tunable line narrowing effectiveness (ie. Tunable bandwidth) • Adding ultrasonic exciter to grating to dynamically alter grating period, wave front o Useful for spectral shape tuning on pulse to pulse basis • Non-Littrow operation of grating o Dual grating (That is 2 distinct gratings ruled on the same substrate could have higher efficiency for double pass configurations) Echelle grating designed specifically for peak efficiency at order near littrow (eg. Littrow +/- 1) operation . Again this is for double pass configurations

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