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Page Moving basing on symmetry moving Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238369D
Publication Date: 2014-Aug-21
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This disclosure introduces a new method for image reading and so on on mobile device. With this new method, it is more easy to get the accurate range for page moving.

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Page Moving basing on symmetry moving

It becomes more and more comment that we should read documents in the mobile and pad. But the size of the screen is much less than page size as original size. As shown as below, the screen could only cover a part of the page as original, or the page become very small to fit the screen. When we read document on the mobile, we need to move the page by the another finger, but usually it is not easy to use by this way that the finger would cover part of the page, and the moving is not accurate.

When we want to move the page, we just hit any part of the screen, the system would move the symmetric point to current point, this method would help us to move the page more accurate.

Depending on our method, the system would move the document as the following step:

1. Find the symmetry point

We could touch the screen twice in a certain time, the system would find a symmetry point by the center of the screen as show as below. The red point is the touching point, the green point is the center point, basing on the center point, we could find the symmetry point position as blue one.


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2. Move the symmetry point to current point with document moving.

System would move the document to make the symmetry point to the touching point position as show as below. After moving the document, the symmetry point in the document would coincide with the touching point, so that the we could read other part of page in the document.


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