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Situationally aware pet restraint Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238379D
Publication Date: 2014-Aug-21
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Disclosed is an idea to add a sensing system to current intelligent dog leash technology in order to retract or fix a leash in place in response to a trigger, such as a person entering the property.

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Situationally aware pet restraint

Generally, when people have dogs and do not have fences, tie-outs are used to keep the dog restrained. These devices work by having a fixed length cable attached to a pivot point, requiring the pet owner to install the unit centrally in the yard to prevent the pet from crossing into the neighbor's yard.

Another approach to this issue is to use the intellileash[*]. This device is also a tether system, which allows the owner to program the acceptable range in each direction that the pet can travel. The drawback of these solutions is that neither prevents the pet from approaching people who may be passing through the property.

The core idea of disclosure is to extend the artwork of the intellileash by making it more aware. The idea is to add a sensing system that is capable of retracting the leash and/or giving audible warnings if someone is passing through the property. The system can also alert the pet owner to this event as well as other events, such as changes in weather.

The system uses a camera to detect people passing through the property and then completes any of the following tasks:

1. Retract the leash, to bring the pet in closer

2. Restrain the leash at its current point, preventing the pet from going forward

3. Building on the already built-in speed limiter, it could slow the dog's approach