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Beverage Capsules and Brewers with Identification Tags and Readers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238382D
Publication Date: 2014-Aug-21
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A beverage capsule is provided with a tag containing information that is adapted to be read by a corresponding reader disposed on a brewer. The tag may comprise a barcode, QR code, bokode, data matrix, hologram, tagged image, microdots, fluorescent compound or chemical marking agent. The tag preferably has little or no visibility to the human eye but may be visible to a reader such as through exposure to a specific wavelength of light (for example ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) light). The tag may be embedded in the graphics, text or other imagery on a readable surface of the capsule. The tag may intersect or surround a central axis of the capsule in order that it may be read regardless of the orientation of the capsule in the brewer. The reader is adapted to read the information contained on the tag and communicate with a controller for controlling operation of the brewer. Controller may vary operational controls based on information read from the tag or it may reject capsules that do not meet specified requirements. The controller may be connected to a network via a remote server for exchanging desired information with interested parties.

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