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Method and Procedure for Detecting and Preventing Tipping Damage of a Mainframe Computer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238386D
Publication Date: 2014-Aug-21
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Disclosed are a real time method and device for detecting tipping of a mainframe computer during shipping. Upon tilt detection, the device sends an alert text message to the computer shipper and emits an alarm to the shipping operator.

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Method and Procedure for Detecting and Preventing Tipping Damage of a Mainframe Computer

During shipping, hardware systems can suffer damage due to unstable movements and handling. When the shipping box tips over, the internal system can incur damage. By design, a system can be stable up to 14 degrees of static tilt. However, when a forklift is

being used, the stability of the system depends solely on the width of the fork.

Additionally, the relocation involves manual or equipment handling with no feedback regarding when the system might tip over.

The solution is real time tilt indicator and communicator for large shipment containers, such as computer servers or palletized product. Communications channel to cloud based server to enable real time online monitoring and status checks.

A tip sensor device is installed inside the server or heavy and tall equipment during

shipping and relocation. An installed battery device ensures that the tip sensor remains

functional during shipping and relocation. When the tilt sensor detects a tilt angle over a certain degree (e.g., 14 degrees), the device sends an alert via a cellular text message and sounds an alarm to warn the operator. An algorithm is applied to avoid

erroneous alerts due to vibration movements. The system also records the time and location of the tip-over incident.

The cellular interface allows 2 way communication for GPS location and status

information between interested parties and cargo. This provides ass...