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System and method of a mobile device self declaring as periphery gateway Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238403D
Publication Date: 2014-Aug-25
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A mobile device self declaring itself as a Periphery Gateway such that the device can act as a router for accessing read only content present over internet: where the context includes location, source of content, mode of communication between the client device and Periphery Gateway. The intended mobile devices will be allocated as Periphery Gateway either by a Communication Service Provider, Internet Service Provider or any such providers.

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System and method of a mobile device self declaring as periphery gateway Background :

With the increasing number of Mobile Devices Accessing internet, increased internet traffic from mobile devices is the trend. This increases the load on the servers which results in increased latency
As depicted in Figure-1 below, Limited bandwidth is available in GPRS, bandwidth available for data transmission is inversely proportional number of Mobile Devices accessing internet connected in a Base Tranceiver Station (BTS).

Figure 1. 2G Bandwidth Availability

Similarly even in 3G network even though speed is quite high compared to GPRS network, as the number of accessing 3G with in a BTS increases the speed/bandwidth of data transfer decreases.

In general during any popular events such as sports, politics, education, access to related websites grows exponentially. The demand to serve the requests for every user is enormous which considerably increases load on network .

Figure-2 below provides an example for one of the scenarios which includes


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Increased Congestion , Limited Bandwidth availability and Increased Latency.

Figure 2 . Showing increased Congestion , Limited Bandwidth availability and Increased Latency.

Summary :

The publication proposes a mobile device self declaring as a periphery gateway for a context based situational data access such as accessing a read only resource over the internet.

Pre-requisites / Assumptions :
1.Device capable of wireless connectivity such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Infrared, NFC


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2.Context of read only data.

3.End user's willingness to be a periphery gateway.

Detailed Description :

A wireless connectivity enabled Mobile Device (MD1) clas...