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System and method to facilitate user with automatically managing mail quota with Out Of Office feature. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238422D
Publication Date: 2014-Aug-26
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Providing Mail Archiving feature on Out Of Office assistant. One embodiment of the out of office assistant provides information about the available and used memory while the user is setting Out Of Office. This also includes details of different folders with their occupied memory size. In a further embodiment, user is facilitated with quick Archive option on same Out Of Office form. This also includes providing suggestion to User of what %of memory should be archived from all / individual folders based on analytics and previous data . In a further embodiment, user is facilitated with a buffer memory from administrator in case of capped Mailbox and while user is Out Of office. This buffer memory will store all the important mails based upon the criteria set by user.

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System and method to facilitate user with automatically managing mail quota with Out Of Office feature.

User is on vacation for certain duration and could not check emails. While he/she is on leave, his/her inbox is being flooded by emails from all senders.

    A. With the emails flooding in user's Inbox the email quota is also reaching and at one stage is full. No more emails will be received by user now. User being on vacation is unaware of this issue/case and some of the expected important emails that he might have missed during OOO.

    B. Known Solution is that while setting OOO, user checks manually for his current email box size. Do a calculation of how much of space he will need and then go back and Archive his inbox. If at all his calculation goes wrong , he is still unaware and wont be able to receive his important emails during OOO in case the quota is reached.

A solution is needed while setting OOO that tells the user about available quota before hand and gives him an option of archive. A feature that can tell him how much memory should be cleared If at all email quota is reached provide a buffer till he clears his email box.

The following features may be added to Out Of Office, which will help user take easy and quick actions solving above problems. OOO will automatically help user to do email clean up before hand based on analytics. And be aware if his email quota is reached above a certain point.

1. On the OOO form, provide the current % used quota and available quota information. Provide the size and % used of each folder helping user to do a fast archival of the required/selected folders.

2. On the OOO form provide an automatic calculation to the user, indicating him that the % of memory required to be available while user would be away. The calculation to be based on analytics. Based on the period of OOO given by user, check back on the previous data of received mails during previous few months and the same month of last year. Based on this data, judge an approximate required memory size. User receives pop up if available is quota is less than the required quota for that duration.

3. On the OOO form, provide user a quick way to archive his emails to free up some space. User clicks on archive option and then and there itself the emails are archived. The OOO screen is refreshed. Also provide details of different folders utilizing what % of memory.

4. Even with the above precautions, if the mailbox does get full and user has no mechanism to do email cleanup during OOO, facility of an additional buffer to be provided to the user. The buffer to be a temporary...