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A intelligent method to control the PAUSE timeframe when multiple people using one video player Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238442D
Publication Date: 2014-Aug-27
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Nowadays, people use the TV to watch the video with their family.Typically, everyone will watch and close the video together, but sometimes, some people need to leave earlier for some reason.This time, other people will want to continue to watch the video, but this guy want to pause the video timely to ensure the watching progress of his own . That's the problem,multiple people could not have their own 'PAUSE' position during they watch same video.

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A intelligent method to control the PAUSE timeframe when multiple people using one video player

Currently all video player have pause button which can help you pause the video, in the meantime, the video player can record the last minute which user watch the video at last time. All of these functions can help single person but could not help multiple people.

We provide one solution which can help to resolve this problem.



.. Brief scenario

Brief scenario

Brief scenario:


A,B, and C watch the video together. A leave the seat at 10:00, and C leave the seat at 31:25. The detection will record all those time frames as history, once A is back, he can continue to watch the video from 10:00 automatically.


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.. Solution Architecture Solution Architecture

There should add one additional device for current video player. In this device, we provide 3 components:

Device part

Device part: :

a. Camera: if video player does not include it, we can provide this.

b. Face recognition: use this existing technology to capture the user's picture

c. Configuration module: This component will use to write the data table which describe as below

Notification part

Notification part:

:There should be one notification component as the mediation to connect the device and video player

Video Player part

Video Player part: :

Time management & Video Contril: This component will use to mange the time frame of each user, it will interact with Video control component to set back the video with proper ti...