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Technique to propagate offers recursively using one's mobile connections.

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238449D
Publication Date: 2014-Aug-27
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A technique to propagate offers recursively using one's mobile connection. Using this system product and service providers will be able to reach contacts of their direct customers, thereby, increasing the penetration of the offers without added campaigning costs.

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Technique to propagate offers recursively using one 's mobile connections.

Customers receive offers from product and service providers on portable mobile devices. More often than not these are existing customers maintained in the database of the providers who receive various offers. With this approach, it is implicit that a great number of prospective customers never receive these offers, since their profile information is not available with the company. Therefore, in order to propagate these offers companies have to rely on other channels like paper media, advertisement and mouth publicity.

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The proposed solution would work based on following:
a) Product/Service provider will send offers to the existing customers using this system. ONLY IF a customer avails one of these offers, then that offer will be in turn sent to the user's who are connected with the customer.

b) Customer receiving the offers through this system would be informed about the person who has availed this offer.

c) The solution will make sure that a user will not be presented with the same offer more than once.

a) The solution described will leverage the available user smart phone connections, hence, making it easy to implement.

b) The solution described will help companies in converting people connected with a direct customer into prospective customers.

c) The solution described will guarantee a definite propagation of offers if availed by the direct customer.

d) The solution described will reduce the costs incurred by the companies in marketing, as this will be a highly reliable system with great penetration capabilities.

The solu...