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Selecting blocks of lines from a chat window. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238450D
Publication Date: 2014-Aug-27
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Disclosed is a mechanism of being able to easily highlight the entire block of chat sent by a user without dragging the mouse pointer.

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Selecting blocks of lines from a chat window .


Chat is common mode of communication now a days. In the messengers today users may select text to highlight or copy from the chat window. The selection can be made using various mechanisms as multiple clicks, selecting and moving the mouse pointer or arrow keys. But all these available options have their set of problems.

a) As in the case of selection using click and movement of mouse pointer or arrow keys, the user tends to lose focus and ends up either selecting more or less. Thus in turn he needs to repeat the process carefully until the intended selecting is made.

b) In case of multiple clicks the user clicks on a position multiple times. With two clicks the word on which user is hovering gets highlighted and on three clicks the line on which user is hovering gets highlighted.

All these options make sense when there is little amount of text to be highlighted, but an additional solution is required when the text to be copied spans over number of lines or may be over the page size.


A user would be able to select a block of chat from the chat window using the easy feature of clicking fixed number of times at a specified location. The highlighted block would be available for further action by the user. Additionally a filter of highlighting chats may be provided, enabling user to highlight the chat messages by selecting the number of messages or person/s or a combination of both.

The advantages of this approach would be :

- Chat has become a common mechanism of data transfer. Many time the data we transfer spans over multiple lines and the participants of that session often want to highlight the block of data sent by a sender for further usage. Users have to struggle currently by holding the left button of the mouse and dragging the mouse to highlight text. Here the suggested solution would enable users to highlight the entire block without chances of selection errors i.e. selecting less or more. The selected text can then be used further for copy, send to, etc actions.

- Removes the limitation of being able to highlight a word or line only with clicks.

- Removes the need of moving mouse or arrow keys cautiously with the selection key pressed.

- Differentiatin...