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Automatic transfer of mobile phone calls on low battery Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238452D
Publication Date: 2014-Aug-27
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Automatically trigger phone call transfer when device battery is low. Provide transfer options based on locality, contact selection, or trusted partnerships between devices.

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Automatic transfer of mobile phone calls on low battery

When on a phone call using a mobile phone with a low battery, there is the danger of not being able to continue the call. This could be a problem, especially with calls making reservations or with large companies where it will be difficult to reconnect with the same person.

    We suggest enabling automatically trigger transfer of the call to another phone when the battery is low.

- Automatic, calls would not be dropped by accident.

- Simple, do not need to know how to create conference calls - phone does the work for you.

Scenario - no initial setup:
- Mikaela is on the phone with an airline reserving flights for her honeymoon.

- During the booking process, Mikaela's phone runs low on battery.

- Mikaela's phone vibrates and shows Mikaela a message to say that the battery is about to run out, and offers to transfer the call.

- Mikaela chooses her home number from her contacts. (Could enter any number, including skype etc)

- Mikaela's phone starts a second call to her home number.

- Mikaela picks up the home phone.

- Mikaela's phone automatically connects all three parties together, and then hangs up itself.

- Mikaela is left talking to the airline on her home phone.

Scenario - initial setup:
- Mikaela tells her fiancé Colin about her experience.

- Mikaela and Colin pair their phones over bluetooth, and tag each other as trusted parties.

- Mikaela calls a cruise line to book a cruise for their honeymoo...