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Publication Date: 2014-Aug-27
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This instant invention seeks to reduce the size of the HRSG superheater section, and provide the opportunity to send RSC steam direction to the steam turbine, potentially reducing the required length of the RSC and thereby decreasing plant capital costs.

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Current configurations for radiant syngas cooler (RSC) in an integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) application require the gas turbine/heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) to have an enlarged superheater section to provide adequate superheat for the RSC steam prior to entering the steam turbine.  RSC length may have a dramatic impact on gasification structure height which can dramatically impact plant capital costs. 

RSC steam generated is superheated in the heat recovery steam generator superheater section.  This requirement can increase the size of the HRSG superheater, which may increase the HRSG capital costs and reduce operational flexibility.  The ability to superheat RSC steam would allow the HRSG size to decrease and provide greater flexibility in which steam turbines fit the final plant configuration. 

This instant disclosure takes the current radiant syngas cooler and splits the steam circuit into two separate circuits.  One circuit at the top of the RSC, that is closest to the gasifier, will act as the superheater circuit.  The second steam circuit, that is located beneath the superheater circuit, acts as the evaporator section of the RSC.  The current water loop from the RSC steam drum, through the RSC circulation pumps and back to the RSC steam drum will still exist, though it may be be smaller in size.  The steam generated in the evaporator circuit is directed from the RSC steam drum, through the superheate...