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Method to fabricate Inverse T-shaped FinFET structures independent of fin pitch Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238473D
Publication Date: 2014-Aug-27
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Disclosed is a structure for improved drive current per foot print

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Method to fabricate Inverse T -shaped FinFET structures independent of fin pitch

Inverse T-shaped fins provide improved drive current per footprint, but uniform manufacturing of those fins is challenging.

The novel solution is to, instead of forming the inverse T-shaped fins by recess reactive ion etching (RIE), start with an Extremely Thin Silicon on Insulator (ETSOI) wafer, deposit a dielectric, form trenches, and use epitaxy to grow the fin.

Figure 1: Start with an ETSOI wafer, choose SOI thickness as desired

Figure 2: Form dielectric

Figure 3: Form mask with openings where the later fins will be located


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Figure 4: RIE dielectric

Figure 5: Remove mask

Figure 6: Epitaxial growth of the fin

Figure 7: Final structure. No fin height variation and remaining T-shape bottom thickness variation.


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