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A method of rating pictures with customized parameters

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Publication Date: 2014-Sep-03
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This invention introduces a method of prioritizing a group of pictures, especially similar pictures by rating them with common parameters and customized parameters. This method compares the parameters, both common and customized, of different pictures, and then put them into a prioritized list based on the priority of parameters set by users.

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A method of rating pictures with customized parameters


We take pictures using our digital devices like smart phones and digital cameras on a daily basis . From time to time we use "continuous shooting" function to take multiple pictures in a short period of time and then choose the best ones from a group of pictures manually. However, it could be very time consuming to filter out the preferred pictures because such pictures are usually alike and containing lots of various yet similar factors, for example, your friend's faces, or similar poses of the same person across different pictures.

Prior arts

Image recognition algorithm, method of identifying a target image using same, and method of selecting data for transmission to a portable electronic device (US 20100135527 A1)Drawback: This method aims to search and find a similar image comparing to the original one.

There are existing methods for evaluation of picture quality (CN103200421 A; CN102968800 A). Drawback: Such methods are applicable to the quality evaluation of the whole picture instead of key areas like faces or the focal point of a picture when it is taken. The evaluation result might not be the best for the users.

This invention can quickly find out the optimal pictures from many similar pictures. For example, if you want to quickly select a group picture that no one closes his/her eyes or select a picture that everyone smiles, you can set various rating parameters to help you to find out the optimal pictures.

This invention has the following advantages:

Higher recognition technique

Known patents only focus on face recognition as a whole. But the method further focuses on facial organs such as eyes and mouth to help people select the pictures they want.

Higher priority

The search results are automatically prioritized according to the priority of rating parameters you set. You can change the priority of parameters to get different rating results.

Automatic selection

You only need to set the rating parameters at the first time, then, the optimal-picture selection will automatically be performed


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in the future.

This invention takes a group of similar pictures as input. Users can predefine rating parameters and set their priorities. These parameters are then used to rate the pictures. The parameter values of each picture will be compared to the predefined values and deviations will be calculated. The priority of predefined rating parameters defines the weight of parameters . Then, all the pictures

will be put into a list in priority order, considering predefined rating parameters.

Figure 1 Flow chart


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Customize graphic parameters

The parameters that the users define and prioritize can include, but not limited to:

General graphic properties, such as size, resolution, format, flashing light, focal length, white balance, aperture ring, exposure time, ISO, directory, etc.

Specific graphic properties, such as eyes, smile, jump, etc.

The genera...