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A method or system to zoom in a specific area in a web conference Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238574D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-04
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During screen sharing of web conference, the participants can zoom in current picture in screen as needed. However, the maximum resolution is presenter's current screen. That is a restriction. In this disclosure, larger restriction could be obtained via new mechanism which processes based on source file.

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A method or system to zoom in a specific area in a web conference

When a user attends a web conference, the presenter is sharing an zoom outed picture or file, for example, the picture is 2400 * 1800, but the presenter show it in 800 * 600 to fit his screen resolution. The participant will see a zoom out picture with bad quality even their screen resolution can cover this 2400*1800 picture.

Another case is the participant may have a small screen resolution than the presenter's machine, for example, the participant's screen resolution is 800 * 600 and the presenter's screen resolution is 1680 * 1050. In this case, the participant will see a zoom out view of the shared screen from presenter if he want to see a whole page..

In above tow cases, the participant may want to see a specified area of the shared screen or the picture in a large view to get more details, and can also see the entire sharing in the same time.

Current solutions

Current solutions:


The function of magnifier


Some software provide the function of magnifier to enlarge an area when move the magnifier on it. But this kind of solution can only expand the pixel pitch, but it may not be very clear after enlarge that area.

Participant can see the original size of the shared screen.


This solution can't resolve the problem, it only fit the screen resolution different situation, the participant also need scroll the screen to a specific area and can't see the entire screen in the same time.

In this...