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Dynamic Command Routing and Execution Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238577D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-04
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Disclosed is a method and system maintaining a users location in the Enterprise Topology when viewing details of a particular resource that can immediately execute the command that was used for that view. Depending on the users location within the topology at the time they decide to invoke the command console, the topology details are carried over for them into the command console.

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Dynamic Command Routing and Execution

This invention was implemented using an IMS* topology and for the remaining document, IMS references will be assumed yet can be applied to any enterprise topology. The closest solutions known is the IMS offering that has been sunset and an IMS Tools offering which also has a command console.

A system is disclosed that maintains continued state of the users location within a Graphical interface when navigating away from the Enterprises Topology in such that they wish to execute a command from where they last were in the Hierarchical Topology. Previously, users would have needed to know how the enterprise was connected together and which address spaces were connected in order to send a command. With this invention , the topology is automatically discovered and presented to the user when executing a command. If a user does not want to execute a command from where they navigated from, the system can dynamically discover other resources in the topology.

As described, if a user does not wish to execute the command used to render a previous pane, they can edit the command and submit it. On editing the command, the route options will be reset dynamically based on the command they are entering and without having to know the topology, they will be given the options available. If they change the Sysplex, the IMSPlex options for that Sysplex will appear, if they change the IMSPlex then the route options will appear for that particular IMSPlex. The novelty that occurs here is the dynamic detection of a users command who is not completely familiar with what command can be routed to where or does not fu...