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Dynamic Vehicle Settings Configuration Based on Portable Driver Profile Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238605D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-05
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Dynamic Vehicle Settings Configuration Based on Portable Driver Profile

Automobiles have several devices that are personalized for the convenience, comfort, even safety of the vehicle user. Examples of personalized schemes are the seat position, the mirror position, and the infotainment system having various preferred settings such as a preferred broadcast station, preferred destination points, cellphone agenda, or playlists.

     Unfortunately, when the user get a new car or even travel in a vehicle other than the user's personal vehicle, such as renting a vehicle at an airport, using a loaner vehicle when the personal vehicle is being serviced, or using a vehicle from a pool of company vehicles; the vehicle user must adjust all of the vehicle devices to the user's personal preferences before operating the vehicle.

     A system array and the communication method are proposed to give a convenient way for a vehicle user to quickly and conveniently personalize any vehicle that the user is driving.


Figure 1

     The vehicle personalization system includes the interface with a mobile device such as smart keys, smartphones, tablets or any other mobile devices that allow establishing a communication channel, wireless or wired, with the vehicle; the electronic control unit in charge to perform the personalization process talking in the vehicle network or Controller Area Network.

     The mobile device stores the portable configurations for those personal features that can be used...