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Blocking web sites based on age determination Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238606D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-05
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Disclosed is a system to block website content based on the ages of detected viewers.

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Blocking web sites based on age determination

A system or method is needed to prevent and protect minors and young children from viewing inappropriate or undesirable Web content when outside of parental control (i.e. access settings configured to software or on computers in the home environment).

The novel contribution is a system to block website content based on the ages of detected viewers. The system identifies the ages of all the persons looking at a website and determines whether to allow access to the content based on the age of the youngest viewer. Based on the age of the youngest viewer, the system blocks access to inappropriate content. In addition, if a website is accessed while an underage viewer is not present, but then one comes within viewing range, the system immediately blacks-out the web content until that viewer's age can be determined.

The system uses well-known and available facial recognition technology to detect faces through a computer's front facing camera. Through the camera, the system determines the number of users watching a particular screen.

Enabling technology is found in a website that can determine the age of a person based on the person's sensitivity to certain frequencies of vibration on different parts of the body. [*] Based on age, the vibration frequency of a certain level is sent to the person viewing the material. Based on the intensity of the signal and at what point the person detects it, the system can calculate the age of a person. In practical implementation, the person inserts a finger into a detector. This detector reads the fingerprint and then provides a random set of vibrations at different frequencies. When the person detects the vibration, the software determines the age for this person. Based on the person's facial recognition with the video device, the software can correlate the person's face to the finger print scan, and to the age. This is done for everyone viewing the material. Failure of one perso...