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Queues Path Provider Manager

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238633D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-09
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A procedure useful to optimize the overall time for attending practices daily in many offices managed by queues and ticket providers

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Queues Path Provider Manager

    Many persons daily need to go in more offices to attend practices. For example, they need to go in the same day in the bank, at post office, or at municipal office, ecc... These persons could solve own practice for business or private scope. Everyone before to start the tour thinks "where is more convenient to go?" ..." what is the first office which has few persons in the queue?" , and..." what could be the second office?". And every one would combine also the faster path to do in order to complete the tour as soon as possible. This is a problem for the major part of the person in the world which every day goes in those offices.

    The solution here disclosed uses 3 different software components interacting between them in order to provide to the interested user the optimized path to solve the attended practice.

The resources designed in the architecture are:

         Smartphones , machines ticket provider in the offices and a server in the network that manages the requests.

Technologies are:

Bluetooth, Wireless, internet, GPS

A "Queue Path Manager Ticket Office" is a specific software installed in the ticket system of the Office is able to communicate data about the queues status to a server named "Queue Path Manager Ticket Server" or, alternatively, to a mobile application named "Queue Path Manager Ticket Client". The "Queue Path Manager Ticket Client" software component running on Smartphone receives requests from the user, sends requests to the server, receives data from the server and then evaluates the best path . It receives also data from the "Queue Path Manager Ticket Office" to forward to the "Queue Path Manager Ticket Server" and is able to evaluate the number of persons in an office. The "Queue Path Manager Ticket Server" running on one or more hosts in the network, manages the requests and collects data received from the "Queue Path Manager Ticket Office" and "Queue Path Manager Ticket Client" software components.

Method steps on Client Queue side

    1) The Queue ticket Provider is configured with a software "Queue Path Manager Ticket Office" connected directly to the server by internet. It evaluates the number of tickets provided other than of person managed at the moment. It knows the medium time needed for person than sent to the "Queue path manager


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Server" the evaluated time. Queue ticket manager sends different values for each queue, for example the office post has queue for packs / recommended, the queue for bill payment, the queue for financial practices, and then it sends more data.

Data sent for each queue are:

         - Number of person still in queue - Medium time for person served - Office identifier and specific queue
Then, the server receives directly those data from the "Queue Path Manager Ticket Office" of ticket Manager and provides these values to the User which would know the better path.

    2) In case the Ticket Manager of option (1) hasn't the software "Queue Path Manager Ticket...