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Dynamically finding alternative calling numbers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238647D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-09
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Finding an alternative number for an individual by using the next most likely person that is available in the same vicinity, can help find an individual even though that person is not answering their mobile phone.

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Dynamically finding alternative calling numbers

The core contribution to knowledge is the ability to call alternate numbers, when the primary number is not available. The alternate number could be based on the last known position, looking up the person's calendar information and/or a the person's social network actions/status updates or person's Fitbit* information.

Lots of people carry their mobile devices as they move around to various places. Sometimes, it happens that smart device stops working for one reason or another: Loss of power, defective device, maybe even inability to get signal on a particular carrier. In this cases, it would be nice to know a reliable alternative number to call to reach the person. The alternative number can also be used in case of emergency.

Here are a few use cases:

1) A device owner goes to a restaurant together with friends. The owner (or some of his friends) use social media to check-in at that particular location. At a particular time, owner's phone battery goes dead. Phone calls to the owner do not go through anymore, but the owner needs to be reached urgently.

2) A person is in a car with friends. The person's phone doesn't work anymore, but the person's friends phone does work. Another possibility is that the person has been tracking fitness activity of other health related stats through a device, that then uploads that information to a server.


Disclosed here is a system and method that allows for person to be called at an alternate number, when the current number is not available. The alternative number doesn't guarantee a 100% accuracy, but it uses various techniques to do the best guesstimate where the person with that number might be and attempt to contact them at that number. Note that we are not using any pre-registered phone numbers (such as family phones, ...etc). Also recognize that privacy invasion might be an issue. This system would only be available for people who opt into such a system.

The core idea is to be able determine the last location of proximity and call the given number, if person trying to be reached is not available. The last location of proximity could be a static location (house, business, event) and can also be a dynamic location (someone else in company of the person trying to be reached, ... etc).

Social Media could be used to determine the last location of proximity.

As an example, pictures of the person posted o...