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Varicose vein sclerosants (e.g. sotradecol and polidocanol) for nonsurgical sterilization in males Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238654D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-10

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Calcium chloride solution has been injected into the epididymis (the storage and maturation area for sperm) for hormone-sparing sterilization in animals (see “Epididymal injection of calcium chloride dihydrate solution (preferably in alcohol) for nonsurgical sterilization in males” for a list of citations). Other solutions have been injected epididymally as well (for example, 3% chlorhexidine in dogs, Pineda MH 1981). This prior art declaration proposes that foaming sclerosants may work even better, and should be tested alongside calcium chloride/alcohol solution and chlorhexidine in future studies of this approach.