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Apparatus and Method for System Configuration Change for Automatic Test Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238655D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-10
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Disclosed is a method for executing system configuration changes automatically in tests.

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Apparatus and Method for System Configuration Change for Automatic Test

Transitional server test methodology in hardware/software compatibility is relatively complicated when dealing with a large pool of devices.

The tester needs to change the system configuration frequently in both hardware and software. This takes time and money.

The idea is to have a centralize host machine that connects to the UUT (unit under test) through the ethernet or any other IO connection for test configuration change, test execution, monitor and log generation.

This host machine has build in capability to change system configuration by software and able to command UUT into test automatically then monitor/record the test result.

A remote host machine is with general ethernet connection to the NIC port and system management port on UUT.

The UUT system starts with full loaded configuration, e.g., CPUs, Memories, HDDs, PCI-e Adapters, USBs, and PSUs.

The host machine polls the UUT System full loaded configuration through the system management port to generate a test case matrix with system configuration change by software setting to enable/disable the device through BIOS/ASU command set.

Step of execution:

The host machine switches the system configuration by sequence of ASU/BIOS command and load test image through another NIC port by PXE or iMM boot image to put UUT into test mode.

The host machine then monitors the test progress and record all the data like test duration time, environm...