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Self Power Sharing Device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238656D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-10
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Disclosed is a communication method to share electricity between diffenet kind of devices if one of the device is at low bettery status.

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Self Power Sharing Device

The Problem :

How can we do if our cell phone run out of the battery when at outdoor and can not charge it?

What if you need to get the important information from your own mobile device but did not have enough power to do so?

The Idea:
1. Sometimes when we are at outdoor, almost run out of our mobile device electricity, and can not find a place to charge but our friend or someone next to you still have electricity in his device.

2. People usually don't want to lend their own personal device to strangers.

3. We have some important information stored in our own device. However, without electricity, we can not read any information.

4. What if we can share the power from our friends or the strangers who are close to us? We can only get 5% or 10% electricity form them and then we can have enough power to make our mobile device still work until we get indoor for charging.