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Method of Automatically Collecting uEFI Setup Menu Items/Reference Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238658D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-10
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Disclosed is a technology related to a method of automatically collecting uEFI setup menu items/reference.

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Method of Automatically Collecting uEFI Setup Menu Items /Reference

In current uEFI setup menu test, we spend much time to manually verify setup menu items and reference in each BVT cycle. This test takes 2 ~ 3 hours for each code drop. If we have 10 uEFI code drops then we need to spend 20 ~ 30 hours. It is a huge effort for uEFI test.

This invention is an utility tool to extract data from uEFI setup menu. The tool can traverse through the menu and export the extracted data to text files. The test duration can be reduced from 2~3 hours to 20 minutes.

uEFI Walker Introduction:
- uEFI walker is an utility to dump uEFI setup menu and reference data. It will traverse uEFI menu, explore menu values and export data in text format.

- Team(s) involved: PURS/IFT


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