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Power Supply Redundancy in Multi-node Server Chassis Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238660D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-10
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Disclosed is a technology related to power supply redundancy in multi-node server chassis.

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Power Supply Redundancy in Multi-node Server Chassis


With minimum server power consumption and just-enough redundant PSU, the system chassis does not know the potential power consumption change to make sure the redundant PSU is adequate. The redundancy policy is configured manually. The optimized policy is not switched intelligently depending on server power consumption.


Use OS change of C-state request to inform IMM and PCH. The system chassis would be able to predict the power consumption changes.


If the current PSUs are not enough to power the new consumption, more PSUs will be turned on and the redundancy policy will be switched to optimized setting. In case the PSUs are not switched on quick enough, the server power capping will be applied. This will be implemented by throttling the server.